Nick's Priorities

Special Election April 13th




There is no denying that the COVID pandemic has changed our world forever. Education, corporate America, and our general way of life are permanently transformed going forward. 


How we meet these never-before-seen challenges will determine our future success. This work must be done honestly and effectively. It will require creativity and flexibility rarely seen in Hartford. I have consistently exhibited those qualities on the local level and I will bring them with me to Hartford when representing Monroe and Newtown in the Legislature.

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We cannot tax our way into prosperity. Taxes must be both low and fair. This is not the time to raise taxes on Connecticut citizens, especially when so many families are struggling. We must redouble our efforts to protect, strengthen, and grow the middle class in the State.

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We must all act responsibly, but there are many things that can only be done on a state and national level. 


Connecticut needs smart and impactful laws that incentivize the adoption of clean energy technologies whenever possible. At the same time, we must judiciously support the economic growth and needs of small businesses.

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Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy and must be treated with the respect and attention that it deserves. 


As a member of the Monroe Board of Education, I have worked across party lines to provide the best possible education for the children of Monroe, while keeping the taxpayer’s bottom line in mind. Recently, I supported a successful bipartisan vote for submitting the annual school budget to a referendum – giving the people of Monroe the final say as it should be. 


As a state representative, I will fight to ensure that the children of Connecticut have access to a free and quality education.




Our post-COVID economic environment will once again reveal the strains in Connecticut’s transportation system and infrastructure. Competing with other states will require us to upgrade our transportation network and infrastructure within the constraints of our budget.




A vibrant democracy is founded on strong civil rights protections for all of our citizens. The State must ensure that we are all physically safe and free from every sort of prejudice and discrimination. 


For the past three years, I have served as a Commissioner on the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, where I advocated for expanding our civil rights protections and lobbied aggressively for accountability in the hiring of diverse employees for all State agencies.

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